Hang wallpapers with confidence with Easy-Walls & Easy-Match

Are you worried about decorating with wallpapers or want to know you will easily be able to remove the wallpaper when you want to update your decor? Then there are new wallpaper advances that will remove your fears and make decorating with wallpapers much easier.

Wallpapers that are easy to hang and easy to remove come in many designs. Here are a few room settings from a recently launched pattern book called Modern Living.  Click the images to see a slightly larger view. Clicking the next image shows a much larger view.

Want to know why wallpapering is easier than it used to be?

Easy–Walls® is a revolutionary breakthrough in wallpaper. Your interior decor is just so much easier with Chesapeake Wallcovering’s Easy–Walls easy-to-hang and easy-to-remove wall paper.

When your selection has a design that required pattern matching with Easy–Match® from Chesapeake Wallcoverings you simply join the pre-printed match points when hanging. Then the match points easily wipe off with a wet sponge.

With Easy-Walls and Easy-Match hang wallpapers with confidence.

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