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Latest Discontinued RoomMates

RoomMates Updates

A new Price list will come into action on 1 December.

It is available here:

Rosemont Removable Price List 1 Dec 2014 (Updated)


Since we released the updated Rosemont Removables Price List for the 1 December 2014 start date we have been informed by the manufacturer about a number of changes in the RoomMates range. We have updated the RoomMates updates notices page with the details of the discontinued items however as there are so many I am adding a little reminder in the posts section .

Discontinued Items for 17-18 November 2014:

Item Code Product name
HS20610 Kids Lab – Juliette Headboard Giant Wall Stickers
HS60001 Kids Lab – Ranch Giant Wall Stickers
HS60007 Kids Lab – Colorful Photo Frames Wall Stickers
HS60012 Kids Lab – City Traffic Wall Stickers
HS60020 Kids Lab – Treehouse Giant Wall Stickers
HS60021 Kids Lab – Pilot Giant Wall Stickers
RMK1202SCS Holiday Swag Wall Stickers
RMK1774GM Dry Erase Menu Giant Wall Stickers
RMK1780SCS Kisses Dry Erase Wall Stickers
RMK2016SCS Notepad Pink Blue Green Dry Erase Wall Stickers
RMK2030HK Peace Sign Magic Hook
RMK2031HK Pink Gerber Daisy Magic Hook
RMK2032HK Fun Striped Magic Hook
RMK2033HK Zebra Print Magic Hook
RMK2034HK Groovy Flower Magic Hook
RMK2146GM Country Wreath Giant Wall Stickers
RMK2154SLM 55 High Do What You Love MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2198GM Barn Star Slate Giant Wall Stickers
RMK2292SLM Birthday Cake MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2293SLM Chalk Apple MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2300SLM Bonzai Tree MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2301SLM Flowers Dry Erase MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2303SLM Indian Buddah MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2304SLM Trust Tree MegaPack Wall Stickers
RMK2310SCS Rondo Wall Stickers
W20710 Kids Lab – Romantic Alphabet Wall Stickers
W21210 Kids Lab – Thought Bubbles Wall Stickers
W21310 Kids Lab – Caravan Giant Wall Stickers

Previous RoomMates Update Posts are available here.

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