Alanis Genuine Flock Wallcoverings and more new pattern books

Alanis Genuine Flock Wallcoverings

We have just been shipping to our retailers a new collection of pattern Books from Holden Decor in the UK. One of them is the genuine flock wallcovering Alanis. With exotic designs like Acapulco, Moreska, Lambourn, Laquita and Magdalena the Alanis genuine flock designs from Holden Decor need to be seen in real life to see the “real flock”.

Alanis Genuine Flock Wallcovering

You can also view the other Holden Decor Pattern Books: Most discontinued.


Alanis Flock Discontinued
emporia-cov Emporia
cov-emporium-2-w Emporium 2
Opens at Holden DecorFiorella – Discontinued cov-gardenia-w Gardenia – Discontinued cov-kanara-wKanara – Discontinued
Kew – Discontinued links-cov
Links – Discontinued
MiraniMirani – Stocked in Australia
Flamenco – Discontinued laroche-cov Laroche – Discontinued Maia –  Discontinued

Mirror Mirror – Discontinued
Tropica – Discontinued
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If you are interested in looking at these pattern books check your local retailers to see if they have copies to view. Except Mirani which we try to hold in stock, Holden Decor ranges are regularly ordered from the UK and air shipped to Australia. Delivery is about 2-5 weeks.

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