Revealing geometric shapes for a forward looking decor

MOD GEO is full of geometric shapes

MOD GEO designs have a twist on familiar geometric shapes to create a contemporary decor look for your home. With plenty modern inspired designs such as multi coloured triangles, small geometrics, stripes and diamond patterns, there must be a design that matches your mod look.

MOD GEO Wallpaper Pattern Book

Room settings to inspire

First check out the following room settings. If MOD GEO is your type of decor then view the other designs and colour ways in the catalogue.

Triangle Geometrics

MOD GEO Triangles

Honeycomb Geometrics

Honeycomb Geometric Mod Geo Wallpaper
Diamond Lattice Geometric

Diamond Lattice Mod Geo Wallpaper

Hexagon Geometric

Hexagon Stripe Mod Geo Wallpaper

Stripe Geometric

Stripe Geometric Mod Geo Wallpaper

Diamond Bar Geometric

Diamond Bar Mod Geo Wallpaper

To review more geometric designs, colours and shapes then check out the full range of MOD GEO wallpapers in our catalogue.

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