Paper and Ink: Modern Silhouettes Wallpaper

Modern Silhouettes Wallpaper from the Paper & Ink Collections


Modern Silhouettes, Paper & Ink, WallquestModern Silhouettes Wallpaper is a young vibrant and colourful range of wallpapers. Inspired by nature or distinct geometric style. It is a selection of contemporary looks for your walls.

The design motifs range from small scale geometric shapes to silhouetted damasks. Handwoven grasscloths overprinted with a modern geometric design redefines this ageless, classic look!

As for colour many of the designs include fresh white with aqua, teal, grey, yellow and lilac. Or there is a variety of other colours influenced by nature itself like beige and shades of brown.

Paper & Ink Collection

In addition to Modern Silhouettes Wallpapers, there are other pattern books in the Paper and Ink Collections. A collection celebrates the allure and beauty of natural landscapes, marine life, geometric designs and a fresh colour palette. Styles that will let you create a look that is contemporary and timeless.

Included are the lush texture of the handwoven grasscloths are printed with a modern geometric design to re-define this ageless, classic look!

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