Risky Business 2 – Wallpaper that’s Hip, Sweet, Epic

Note: Discontinued Range. Check for similar designs at The Wallpaper People.

It is not often that you get a wallpaper pattern book with a name like Risky Business. A number of years ago York Wallcovering had a successful range called Risky Business. Now they have decided to go hip, sweet, epic and amazing with Risky Business 2.

The names of each design are as zappy as the actual designs. Toss the Bouquet, Pixel Perfect, Jackie Oh!, Pucker Up Buttercup, Word Play and Smooches are just a few.

With colours mainly in the greys, silvers, blacks, whites, pale taupe and tone on tone colour-ways this pattern book is right on trend for 2012.  There are splashes of colour like red lips, rust shaded bricks and the occasional soft aqua. Some of the Smooches lips are printed on gold or silver brushed foil surfaces while other designs are highlighted with glitter. Glitter is one of the in-styles right now.

Here is a selection of the room settings from Risky Business.  Click the images for larger views:

Call your local retailer to check Pattern Book availability.

6 thoughts on “Risky Business 2 – Wallpaper that’s Hip, Sweet, Epic”

  1. What stunning papers Fran! As I child my mum was a serial wallpaperer. That wallpaper book would definitely attract my attention! Would all of your retailers keep these papers in stock?

    1. Krishna, the available designs are just so many now days that most shops have the pattern books to select from and they order what the customer requires. We fly in stock every week so delivery it about 2 weeks for most orders. Not too long considering this gives the retailers customers such a large choice. Fran

    1. Hi Ceinie, Glad to read you are about to do some renovation after a house flood. Yes there is loads of choice in design and types of wallpapers. I will send you an email to see how our retailers can help. Fran

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