RoomMates Pattern Book Ver 2

Retailer Only Note:

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The new RoomMates pattern book is currently being distributed along with updated pricing.  You should note that the Roommates removable prices have been updated to align price codes with new Roommates Pattern Book. This should make pricing simplier as the price codes in the back of the book can be utilised instead of pricing every individual item.

To reduce the work load checking prices there are only three anolomies from the standard pricing for the SCS stickers and the BSC coded borders. These are the codes RMK1515SCS, RMK1521SCS  and RMK1413SCS.

For the other codes like SS, GM SLG, etc there are a  number of the larger licensed items with reduced prices to align them with the pattern book.  Then a few have increased.

Links to pricing information or any newer updates can be found at the Retailers Pricing Section 1.