5 Reason To Love Our Rosemont Value Ranges

Rosemont value ranges of wallcoverings: 5 reasons to love them

Some of these Pattern Book have been discontinued. Many of the range or similar designs are available in more recent Pattern Books. Check out our online catalogue at The Wallpaper People for more current designs.

1. The Vast Design Choices

Our Rosemont Value Ranges include designs from the modern glitter printing through to traditional prints.  There are textures, bold damasks, stripes or florals.  The vary of colours include trendy modern colourways like pinks and blues to traditional taupe, beige and red colours. It is best to visit a retailer to see the designs up close to understand the variety in design, textures and colours.

Here are a few to give you an idea of the variety of choices available. Click the images to see a larger view.

2. The Wallpaper Quality

Both Mirani and Accents are produced in the UK using traditional method for some of the ranges and newer printing technologies to achieve the highly textured designs in some patterns.  Vogue is printed on printed on non-woven wallcoverings produced in Europe and shipped to China for printing. The non-woven means you can paste the wall to hang and it makes it super easy to strip off in complete sheets when you want to change your decor.

Quality is assured with the Rosemont Value Ranges. Here are close ups of some of the textures in the Mirani designs:

75531-close 75541-close 75521-close

3. Stocked Locally in Australia

Our Rosemont Value Range is stock in Australia so delivery is much quicker that many other ranges.

Mirani Accents & Vogue from the Rosemont Value Ranges

4. The Price

And yes at $124 for these quality ranges you get super value for money.  These are not wallpapers printed on cheap backing papers with cheap inks.  They are exactly the same quality you expect from Rosemont’s suppliers and manufacturers that typically retail at around $175 to $250 a roll.

5. Awesome Design Feature Wall.

Finally it is now possible to have a feature wall your friends will be jealous of with the wallcovering costing less than $500. Totally awesome!

More ranges will be added to the Rosemont Value Range later this year so follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with new ranges of wallpapers.