Sure Strip Easiest Wallpaper to Hang & Remove

Sure Strip From York Wallcoverings

Sure Strip: The easiest wallpaper to hang and remove

Sure Strip is created by York Wallcoverings to be Easy Up and Easy Down.

With Sure Strip Wallpapers, Easy Does it!

Sure Strip wallpaper selections, using a special high-performance paper and new adhesive technology will change the way you think about decorating with wallpaper.

This new generation of wallcoverings installs as easily as painting the wall.

And when it’s time to redecorate, it removes easily in minutes.

  • Environmentally friendly, non-vinyl wallpaper.
  • Uses new removability technology.
  • It’s breathable — prevents moisture from being trapped.
  • Prepasted, washable and made in the USA.

It is made from natural and synthetic fibres, it’s vinyl-free and not manufactured from cheap substrates.

This technology allows for an entire sheet of wallpaper to be easily hung on a wall and easily taken off a wall, in one gigantic roll. The hassle of taking down wallpaper in chunks or pieces, years down the road, is permanently removed.