Vogue Wallpaper Style with Ease

4 Reasons Why Vogue Wallcoverings is Style With Ease?

Vogue Pattern Book1. Non-Woven wallcoverings are easier to use.

First, lets get technical. Vogue Wallpaper is printed on non-woven wallcoverings. That means you paste the wall – easier than pasting the paper and carrying it to the wall. It does not stretch in the same way as paper does making pattern matching easier. Non-Woven makes it super easy to strip off in complete sheets when you want to change your decor.

2. Colours and designs are on trend

Next Vogue is in a great range of modern and traditional colours and designs that have been totally modernised by using mica, glitter and new printing techniques to give a range of colours and subtle textures.

3. Stocked in Australia

Vogue Wallpaper is being stocked in Australia so that delivery is quicker than non stocked wallcoverings.

4. Great value for Money

And finally, the recommended retail price is $124 so it is great value for style, ease of hanging, design and quick delivery.

These products can be purchased from your Retailer.

Here is a sample of a few designs and you can see more on the Vogue Pattern Book page. Or contact your retailer as you will be impressed.

Rosewall Vogue Wallpaper Rosewall Vogue Wallpaper Rosewall Vogue Wallpaper Rosewall Vogue Wallpaper